Why can’t I pair my Yi Home Camera?


If you are now suffering from any App downloading/pairing/connecting failures related issues with Yi Home Camera, this article is a best solution summary for you.

Currently, there are two most common issues:

  • HW and App versions mismatch
  • Camera firmware is too old

Preparation work

skip this if you have successful experience to pair before
  1. make sure your App version is up to date
  2. make sure your Wi-Fi SSID and password is correct and there is no any other security related settings on your router, such as:
    • No static IP address assignment
    • No MAC address filter
  3. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is supported only.

ISSUE 1: Product and App version mismatch

  1. Identify the product version of your camera

Please check the first 4 characters on the back of the camera as below  figure ,

  • if the format is [0~9][0~9][A~Z][A~Z], the 3rd and 4th characters standard for the country code (case insensitive):

CN: Chinese Version 

US / TW /KR/other Country Code: International Version

  • all other format strings: Chinese Version

Please be aware of that:

Chinese version is to be used in China mainland only.

International version is to be used in US/TW/KR only.


2. Install the matching App

You have to install the correct App, otherwise the camera can be never paired.

Currently we have official selling channels in CN/US/KR/TW only, in any other countries/areas, you can’t find this App in your local Google Play or App Store. Error message may be nothing/this App is not available in your market/your device is not support this App/etc.

Android Device:

Chinese VersionApp Download

International Version: install from your local Google Play

IOS Device:

Chinese Version: Switch to China App Store then install.

Alternately, you can also try the App Mi Smart Home.

International Version: install from your local App Store

ISSUE 2: Camera firmware is too old to pair

We always suggest customers to keep the camera firmware version update to date to get better product performance.

If you have already prepared the matching Camera and App, but still failed in camera pairing or you found the camera working improperly even after reset.

In most case, you can fix it via updating the camera firmware manually.

1. Download the latest version of firmware

Chinese Version:   Download Link         Backup Link

International Version:  Download Link (US Version)

2. Do manually update following the instruction.

Note: the firmware version must match your camera version. You can flash a Chinese version camera with any other version of firmware and power-on it, but it can never be paired.

I believe above two steps can solve most of your troubles, but if you still have problem, please feel free to contact us: support@weareyi.com

And you can find out more support information from our support site.


43 thoughts on “Why can’t I pair my Yi Home Camera?

    1. We don’t suggest to use China version out of China mainland. And we’re now planning to establish the official selling channels in Malaysia for local version.

      1. CN version is only officially selling in China mainland. CN version sold of out China is not authorized by Xiaoyi company, it’s individual behavior, not certificated and protected by local.

  1. Thanks a lot worked for me. I have CN version.
    And question it is possible to see camera in computer? Linux or Windows ?

  2. Im from malaysia,I have purchased CN version via online, and im dont know chinese. Tried hard to get the camera work but fail.Any posiblity for me to use it in english version?

  3. Hi,

    The 1st letters of the QR code at the back of my yicamera reads as HPPV6.
    I’m able to connect the yicamera to my Wi-Fi, and also to scan the QR code from my Android phone to the yicamera (via YI Home APP), which appears to be successfully initially.
    However, during the connecting phase, the yicamera indicated that the QR Code was invalid, and the connection process have to be reset and re-initiated.
    Can you kindly assist on this error?


  4. hello, the address for downloading the china version is not working is there any other alternative address? I got my own yi home smart camera which is china version, it could not be paired until now on. please help. thank you

  5. Android time zone off on recording by 6 hors or so. Please enable time zone change in Chinese version of app or allow use of international version. Thanks

  6. We are your customer for long time and had bought many of your product.
    Will you enable us to use international firmware version with our YI Home Camera CN version.

  7. please help me also…. i am from india and my camera is not connecting…. i have downloaded yi home camera app in my mobile but it is not connecting….

  8. The first 4 characters on the back of the camera are “22ZE”, I want use it in US. The camera can connected to network (camera said ‘wifi connection successful ‘), but my phone can not be paired with it. After step testing server connection, the app shows ‘Fail to load’. ‘Please reset the camera’

    1. The camera is not U.S. version, if the package is printed in Chinese, then we can confirm it’s CN version, you need to follow this blog and install the correct App to use.

  9. Hi,
    I also bought a CN camera from Gearbest but I’m from Europe.
    I am able to pair with the chinese app and see the camera, but it is a mess.
    Is it possible to upgrade the firmware to the international version and use the international app from the Playstore?

    1. Same here. I’m using the lates CN firmware from the site mentioned above ( Also installed the Android app directly from Apk. When I startup the app, I logon with my MI account. Next I configure the camera and everything works fine. When the popup shows up saying and update is available, I press the update button. After install is completed, the app shows the camera but crashes after showing the stream for some seconds. However, if I call the settings menu, it will not crash. Only when the livestream is shown. Please fix this!

  10. I have followed your instructions and dl the China version app but every time I want to log in using my mi account which is non China number, it always says error occurred while logging in. Please advise

  11. I have CN version camera, i am big fan of xiaoyi and xiaomi and i have almost all mi products. I am using this camera india. is there a way to change time zone in camera stream in mobile to indian time?

  12. hi, yi home application 2 seconds show video and “yi home stopped”. i can whatch record but can’t watch live cam. please help. this problem started after last update. thank you.

    1. sorry for inconvenience. we suspect there is a language related bug in latest release. please try to change your phone language to English or download the previous App version (updated in blog)

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